If Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! we have a varied menu of freshly prepared breakfast products. Delivered from 7.00 to 8.30 am. Minimum delivery order of £70 applies. Deliveries before the specified time incur an additional charge of £20 per hour. All pastries, Muffins & Bagels are baked to order on the day of delivery!

Yogurt based pots

We have a varied menu of freshly prepared: Greek & Organic yogurt based pots with  Granola, fresh fruit or berries. All beautifully presented on stylish glasses. 

Fruit salads - Sliced fruit

Fruit salads are stylish & convenient an easy way to eat nutritious fruit, brimming with gorgeous colors. If sliced fruit is preferred- it is always beautifully presented on a platter always prepared on the day of delivery.

Bagels & Rolls

Bagels are a perfect choice for breakfast, be it with the ever popular smoked salmon & soft cheese, bacon & egg or  any other filling. We bake all our bagels on the day to order, choice of Plain, Sesame-seed, Multi grain and Multi seed. Soft rolls, or sandwiches also available.

Mini pastries - Danish selection

  • An assortment of mini:

Custard cream.

Blackcurrant & apricot.

Chocolate & orange.

we suggest 3 to 4 per person

Mini pastries - Viennoise selection

  • An assortment of mini:

Butter croissants

Pan au chocolat

Pan au raisin.

We Suggest 3 to 4 per person

Mini pastries - Gourmandise selection

  • An assortment of mini:

Chocolate swirl.

Cranberry swirl.

Cinnamon whirls.

Pan a la crème.

we suggest 3 to 4 per person

Large pastries selection

  • All butter croissant
  • Almond Croissant
  • Chocolate filled croissant - 
  • Pan au raisin with Chantilly.
  • We suggest one pastry per person.
  • Other choices are available, Pls ask!

Muffins - freshly baked

  • Lemon and poppy seed.
  • Raspberry & White chocolate.
  • Blueberry
  • Triple chocolate.
  • Flower pot & Savoury muffins also available subject to notice.

Preserves - Disposables

We do not supply any complimentary condiments.
However, we can supply all your Crockery, Fruit juices, Water, Hot Beverages, Preserves, Disposables, etc.
For best results a minimum of 7 days’ notice is required for some products / services.  Get in touch we're here to help!