Wraps cost £4.50 each Minimum order of 6 applies. For simplicity choose from the set platters below, alternatively we randomly choose type of wrap & filling. Wraps offer a good healthier alternative to other types of bread. Choice varies! Plain wheat, Spinach, Sun dried tomato, random selected. Lovingly prepared & Beautifully presented, whether on a platter to share or individually wrapped.

Option 1: £27.00 (6 Wraps per platter)

Free range egg, mayonnaise & cress (V)
Italian mozzarella tomatoes & fresh pesto (V)
Tuna, sweet corn and mayonnaise
Beef, teriyaki sauce &  roasted vegetables 
Chicken, ham, leeks & mayonnaise
Smoked Scottish salmon lemon juice & black pepper

Option 2: £27.00 (6 Wraps per platter)

Chicken, Parmesan cheese, Cos & Caesar dressing
Feta, olives, cucumber tomato & red onion (V)
Chicken, plum sauce s/onions, cucumber & coriander
Salmon, cream cheese, rocket, lemon & pepper
Free range egg mayonnaise & cress (V)
Tuna fish, mayonnaise & cucumber

Option 3: £27.00 (6 Wraps per platter)

Salmon fillet,  mayonnaise, spinach, mix leaves
Cream cheese, Spanish chorizo, rstd. peppers & rocket
Hummus and mixed roasted vegetables (V)
Ham salad & mustard
Prawns mixed leaves and mayonnaise
Green Thai chicken mix leaves & mayonnaise

We use butter and free range egg- mayonnaise. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing a specific allergen free order. We do however work in a kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and does not have allergen free zone. Only chicken breast oven cooked, used on all our sandwiches. We always use the same quality products on all the food we supply. If you have any questions or need advice, please get in touch. All products are subject to availability; substitution will be of equivalent value or higher.