Random selected sandwiches cost £3.80 each, minimum quantity of 6 applies. For simplicity choose from set-menu below. All our Sandwiches - food is prepared on the day of delivery - hand-made to order, so you can have it which way you like! ***Dietary or allergen requests must be notified when ordering. Vegan & Gluten free bread options available. Our food is always lovingly prepared & beautifully presented...  ** £50 minimum delivery order applies to all lunch deliveries

We sugest 1 & 1/2 per person.

Random selected sandwiches cost £3.80 each (Min. Qnt. of 6)

Meat, Fish & Vegetarian filling always provided.

Served on malted wheat sliced bread.

Sandwiches are hand-made to order on the day of delivery!

Sandwich platters

Platter(s) of 6 random selected sandwiches cost £22.80.

Sandwiches are served on malted wheat sliced bread.

Meat, Fish & Vegetarian fillings supplied.

Vegan sandwiches fillings also available. 

Individually wrapped / sandwich boxes

Sandwiches can also be Individually supplied- wrapped or on sandwich boxes.

All our packaging is of high quality and fully recyclable. 

Office staff lunches catered for!

Sandwich(s) fillings options - Meat - Fish - Vegetarian - Vegan - (Platters consist of 6 sandwiches)

Meat platter (6 Sandwiches £22.80)

Selection might include- Chicken breast | Ham | Beef | Pastrami | Spanish chorizzo | Milano salami | Crispy bacon.
Meat based mixes: Coronation chicken, Chicken ham & leeks, Pastrami emmental cheese & gherkins, Chicken sweet corn & mayonnaise, Bacon avocado, BLT,
all mixes are made by us.  

Fish platter (6 Sandwiches £22.80)

Selection might include- King prawns | Smoked salmon | Premium Crab Sticks | Tuna fish | Cray fish. Fish based mixes: Smoked salmon cream cheese & rocket | Crab & sweet chilly sauce & mayonnaise | Spicy tuna | Tuna sweet corn & mayo | Cray fish Mayonnaise & rocket | Prawns Mayo. & mix leaves | Tuna salad & mayonnaise.

Vegetarian platter £22.80

Selection might include: Free range egg mayonnaise | Cream cheese, roasted peppers and rocket leaves | Cheddar cheese, Bramston pickle & tomato | Italian mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil | Humus and oven roasted mixed vegetables | Avocado, pitted olives, pesto and rocket leaves | Egg spinach & tomato | Falafel & spinach.  

Set platters. for simplicity order from the set platters below.

Option (1) 6 Sandwiches £22.80

Chicken, salad & mayonnaise.
Ham tomato & mustard.
Tuna fish cucumber & Mayonnaise
Smoked salmon, lemon & pepper.
Egg mayonnaise & cress.
Cheddar cheese tomato & pickle.

Option (2) 6 Sandwiches £22.80

Chorizzo, cream cheese rocket & peppers.
BLT (smoked bacon, lettuces tomato & mayonnaise.
Green Thai curry chicken & mix leaves. 
King prawns mixed leaves & mayonnaise.
Tuna sweet corn and mayonnaise.
Hummus and roasted vegetables (V).

Option (3) 6 Sandwiches £22.80

Chicken ham, leeks & mayonnaise.
Beef tomato & horseradish. 
Spicy tuna (mildly spicy). 
Smoked salmon lemon juice & black pepper.
Brie cranberry sauce & rocket leaves (V)
Mozzarella, tomato & fresh basil leaves (V)

Option (4) 6 Sandwiches £22.80

Chicken, bacon, avocado & mayonnaise.
Roasted beef (served rare) horseradish & tomato.
Pastrami, Emmental, gherkins tomato & mustard.
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cress, lemon & ppr.
Italian Mozzarella, tomato, green pesto & avocado
Brie cheese cranberry sauce & rocket leaves.

Option (5) 6 Sandwiches £22.80

Milano salami, Cream cheese, peppers & rocket.
Chicken, smoked bacon, salad & mayonnaise.
Pastrami, Emmental, gherkins tomato & mustard.
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cress, lemon & ppr.
Large (Greenland) Cray fish tails, rocket and mayo.
Luxury Cream cheese, roasted peppers & rocket.

Vegetarian option (6 Sand.) £22.80

Free range eggs, mayonnaise & cress
Cream cheese, roasted peppers & rocket leaves
Cheddar cheese, Bramston pickle & tomato
Italian mozzarella, fresh tomatoes & fresh basil
Humus & fresh oven roasted  mix. vegetables
Avocado, pitted olives, pesto & rocket leaves

We use butter and free range egg- mayonnaise. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing a specific allergen free order. We do however work in a kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and does not have allergen free zone. Only chicken breast oven cooked, used on all our sandwiches. We always use the same quality products on all the food we supply. If you have any questions or need advice, please get in touch. All products are subject to availability; substitution will be of equivalent value or higher.