Premium bread’s platter (Fish option)


Baguettes are baked and prepared by hand to order on the day of delivery! Selection includes: Organic white, Malted wheat, Whole-meal & Stone baked white. To keep it interesting, we will select type of bread, with, Meat, Fish & Vegetarian fillings. 6 baguettes per platter cut in to ΒΌ. Dietary or allergen requests must be notified when ordering. Our food is always lovingly prepared & beautifully presented…




Selection might include- King prawns | Smoked salmon | Premium Crab Sticks | Tuna fish | Cray fish. Fish based mixes: Smoked salmon cream cheese & rocket | Crab & sweet chilly sauce & mayonnaise | Spicy tuna | Tuna sweet corn & mayo | Cray fish Mayonnaise & rocket | Prawns Mayo. & mix leaves | Tuna salad & mayonnaise.